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Whispering Falls

There is nothing like taking a drive through the grassy pastures of a countryside road on a beautiful fall day.
We tried to capture that look and feel of the great outdoors and open spaces with this years new true craftsman kit Whispering Falls. With the large beautiful old barn, which has been standing for years and an addition that was added for more storage of farm equipment and feed. A quaint stone farmhouse across the road along with a storage shed and chicken coop to finish off the scene.

Go to the links page to follow along as Greg Shinnie constructs the new Whispering Falls Kit.
There are a lot of new changes we made with this kit to previous releases. The one and foremost is the barn. It is literally built board by board, including the interior framing. The only thing laser cut is the roof trusses. The foundation for the barn consists of wood and resin components.
We have introduced Hydro cal castings for the farmhouse, which is a first for us using this medium in our kits. The Hydro cal moulds for the stone farmhouse were made especially for RSM by Ed Fulasz.
Once again we have used our traditional lighting package for Whispering Falls, you also have the option to buy a gas welder simulator. You can view a video of how it looks on our website. We installed it in the shed, where a farmer is repairing some farm equipment. The effect is sensational! This will be sold as a separate item through Ngineering as well as the lighting kit.
We also added sound effects to Whispering Falls; it is truly amazing!
The quality and the realism bring you to the life of living on a farm. You will find samples for the two sound modules we used in the diorama on the web site. The sound modules will be sold separately through Ngineering.
There will only be a limited run of 125 kits produced

$340.00 CDN

Farm animals Chickens, birds, cows, goats, dogs:

Dogs & crickets Perfect for evening or night scenes:

Work In Progress Check Back Later!

Delwins Boat & Net Storage

Fishermen have been coming here to “Delwins” for years, to store their boats and nets after the salmon fishing season has ended on the Columbia River. Nets are drying on the racks, repairs need to be made and nets cleaned before they are stored in the upper level of the warehouse.

Boats of all sizes arrive and one at a time they get lifted out of the water. It’s time to roll them into the storage area where any necessary repairs are made before they are stored for the season. The fisherman will bring in a variety of fresh fish they have caught. The fish are stored on ice and sold in the office. Locals arrive daily to get the freshest of seafood.
The sun begins to set, Delwins becomes a busier hub of activity during this time of day, fireflies are glowing as they hover over the tall grass. You can hear the whistle and rumble of a train as it passes nearby. Kids run and play amongst the junk piles and an abandoned boat, they have even been known to catch the odd fish right off the docks.

Optional lighting kits are available at Ngineering
Limited to only 300 kits
$320.00 CDN

Unavailable For This Kit

Unavailable For This Kit

Horwood Brothers

The tire bell rings, the service attendant quickly throws on an ill-fitted jacket and cap, he runs out and pumps gas, washes your windshields, all around, checks your oil and fills the tires with air and makes sure the battery levels are good. Meanwhile, the locals gather to get the coldest Coca Cola in the neighbourhood and whilst they wait to get their automobiles serviced by the mechanics they have come to know and trust. In 1927, not too long after Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry, the Horwood Brothers on a hand shake, began the partnership with Shell Oil. Horwood Brothers.

A long time friend of the Horwood boys, Larry Baker, seized the opportunity to make use of the extra space that was available. With his passion for the automobile and the life long friendship with the brothers, it was only fitting that he opened a showroom.Horwood Brothers Time has stolen the service station, but here at RSM, we have captured it back in all its glory in this beautiful illuminated diorama. New with this years release is the optional lighting package, which uses LEDs by Ngineering and is sold separately. New custom windows made specifically by Tichy, and a wide variety of new white metal castings. Don t forget the manual that we are famous for along with accompanying templates and drawings. We believe that Kit #005 is the best kit ever produced thus far by RSM. The Horwood Bros. will be limited to only 300 units, and once they are gone, they will have followed in the same path as the prototype, never to be seen again, but remembered.

Optional lighting kits are available at Ngineering
$295.00 CDN

Unavailable For This Kit

Unavailable For This Kit

Vogue Furniture House

The Vogue Furniture House shown here is a factory that makes and sells furniture.
The family-owned company has been in business for over a quarter century and produces some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that have stood the test of time and gained the reputation for being the best and most sought after furniture in these parts.

The train delivers a load of lumber to the rail siding where it is off-loaded and stacked onto drying racks. Finished items of furniture are shipped to customers by rail or truck. About once a month a truck will arrive to empty the cyclone dust collector, a procedure that may require several trips on that day. There is a yard office and a small sign shop in the rear where a lot of the remnants of lumber are fashioned into signs. Nothing goes to waste here.
Our latest kit is composed of several structures for building a complete diorama. It is a complete industry that would fit into any era and setting.
Masterfully designed, it is created to be a quality craftsman kit. We have included new white metal and resin castings, along with our well-known instruction manual and templates. This furniture factory can be used for almost any other kind of industry.

Limited to only 300 kits
$325.00 CDN

Unavailable For This Kit

Unavailable For This Kit

Carrick’s Corner

The scent of freshly baked breads and pastries in the early morning has been a regular occurrence in this neighbourhood for quite some time. The locals have been gathering at Carrick’s Bakery faithfully ever since the establishment opened its doors. Rail service brings in large quantities of dry goods at the side of the building while all local deliveries are received at the back.

With the Williamson Book Co, Ebb & Flow Hair, and Old Morris Tobacconist surrounding this landmark building, the residents know this busy little area as Carrick’s Corner.
All four structures are based on Canadian prototypes, and with this year s new release, we have included many new white metal and resin castings that are comparable in quality to the best. Kit #003 is a true craftsman kit that will bring you many hours of enjoyment during the construction and make you proud to display the completed diorama. The versatility of this kit allows you to configure the structures to make it uniquely your own.

Optional lighting kits are available at Ngineering
$295.00 CDN

Unavailable For This Kit

Unavailable For This Kit

Billy Miner Brewing Co.

The Billy Miner Brewing Co. is a unique craftsman masterpiece. This beautiful structure can be located along your mainline or waterfront scene. Serviced by rail, the switching possibilities are endless. Barrels, packaging and raw materials are arriving daily. Shipments of Billy Miners finest drafts and ales are loaded onto rail cars and trucks to be delivered to fine establishments near and abroad, for all to enjoy.

The Billy Miner Pub is located in Haney, BC. The name is derived from the famous train robber William A. MacDonald, also known as Billy Miner. On Sept 10, 1904, Train No. 1, which had just left Mission Junction, was robbed. This was Canada s first train robbery.
This craftsman kit includes many new white metal and resin castings. Custom windows made especially for this kit by Tichy, Mt. Albert Scale lumber, laser cut wood and more. To help you through the construction process, an 80 page manual with many photographs and accompanying templates. If you have built the first craftsman kit from RSM, you will know what to expect, a high quality detailed diorama.

$240.00 CDN

Unavailable For This Kit

Unavailable For This Kit

Dewdney Trunk General Store

The Dewdney Trunk General Store is a unique structure which landscapes along side the Canadian Pacific Railway in Dewdney, B.C.

The Dewdney Trunk General Store is a unique structure which landscapes along side the Canadian Pacific Railway in Dewdney, B.C. This kit builds into a fine quality craftsman diorama with endless possibilities for installing this gem in a rural, country or city setting. Kit includes Laser cut wood, Mt. Albert Scale Lumber, Tichy windows, Campbells Roofing materials and new original metal castings. A very detailed instruction book with many photographs, diagrams and templates will guide you through the steps in building this diorama.

Unavailable For This Kit

Unavailable For This Kit

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