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Welcome To Rail Scale Miniatures

Welcome to Rail Scale Miniatures
There has been a lot of changes to RSM since I first started in 2001.  That is when the idea began about becoming a Craftsman Kit Manufacturer.  It took another three years to release our first kit in 2004, The Dewdney Trunk General Store. The release coincided with the NMRA Train Show being held in Seattle that year.  It was a perfect opportunity to get feed back on our first release.  It was overwhelming to say the least and a bit unexpected.  You wish for it to be successful, but the feed back I was receiving and the comments just reassured I was on the right track.  To this day, I still have customers that have purchased every kit I have produced from that first show when I met them for the first time.  Thank you to everyone for their continued support.
Rail Scale Miniatures as most of you may know, is not my full time job.  I do this as a labour of love and because I think Model Railroading is the greatest hobby in the world.  What I have learned in kit manufacturing just improves my knowledge and craftsmanship that I use towards future kits and my personal layout.
Here at RSM, we painstakingly take the time and effort to produce a product that is unique and different from what is available out there now for the hobbyist.  In a market populated with a lot of the same type of structures and kits, it is hard to find or create a diorama that fits well into a model railroad scene wither it’s directly tied into the rail service or not involved with any railroad industry at all.   I have been more so fascinated with structures and industry that just happen to have a railroad track going by it.  As you have seen from some of the kits I have produced thus far.  The railroad does not service these structures or businesses.  I think this gives me more flexibility on what I create next.  It all needs to fit coherently within the composition of the scene.  It absolutely needs to feel like the diorama belongs there.
All of our designs are based on prototypes.  Structures that at one time stood or may still be in existence.  Always looking and searching for what the next kit will be.   With the last release, we have introduced a lot of 3-D printed detail castings.  With the advent of this technology, anything is now possible.  Exciting times ahead. 
We started a Diamond Series line of kits a few years ago with the hopes of introducing new modellers to the hobby, with a smaller footprint and price range from the larger craftsman kits.  This has been successful for us.  The plan moving forward will be to introduce a Diamond Series kit after each larger Fine Craftsman kit release.   This gives me a breather some what after the long and hard work it takes to manufacture a large kit.  The quality is the same. There is no deviation whatsoever.  Believe it or not, it almost takes about the same amount of time to produce, just less materials.
Diamond Series Kit #002 is just now available. The Drake Street Shop Track, so that means a large Fine Craftsman kit is already in the works.  I am shooting for April 2024 for the diorama completion and images release depending on how my full time job goes and where it takes me.  
It could be a late 2024, early 2025 release.  Obviously, I will try to get this one out as soon as I possibly can.  I am excited for it as I can attest, no one has created this one before.
You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions about our products or kits.
Thank you once again for stopping by.
Dario Le Donne

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