Whispering Falls
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There is nothing like taking a drive through the grassy pastures of a countryside road on a beautiful fall day.
We tried to capture that look and feel of the great outdoors and open spaces with this year’s new true craftsman kit Whispering Falls. With the large beautiful old barn, which has been standing for years and an addition that was added for more storage of farm equipment and feed. A quaint stone farmhouse across the road along with a storage shed and chicken coop to finish off the scene.
There are a lot of new changes we made with this kit to previous releases. The one and foremost is the barn. It is literally built board by board, including the interior framing. The only thing laser cut is the roof trusses. The foundation for the barn consists of wood and resin components.
We have introduced Hydrocal castings for the farmhouse, which is a first for us using this medium in our kits. The Hydrocal molds for the stone farmhouse were made especially for RSM by Ed Fulasz.
Once again we have used our traditional lighting package for Whispering Falls, you also have the option to buy a gas welder simulator. You can view a video of how it looks on our website. We installed it in the shed, where a farmer is repairing some farm equipment. The effect is sensational! This will be sold as a separate item through Ngineering as well as the lighting kit.
We also added sound effects to Whispering Falls; it is truly amazing!
The quality and the realism bring you to the life of living on a farm. You will find samples for the two sound modules we used in the diorama on the web site. The sound modules will be sold separately through Ngineering.
There will only be a limited run of 125 kits produced.
Whispering Falls will be ready to start shipping in May 2019.
Sincerely Dario Le Donne
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