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Vogue Furniture House
Vogue Furniture House History
This images used where retrieved from BC Archives online image gallery. I was searching the archives and came across this image. This is the only photo that shows Vogue Furniture in behind the Shell Service Station.
After some enquiries, I was able to find out that it was still standing. So we took a trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is situated on the corner of Quadra and Yates. It is no longer a furniture store but a movie theatre. We took measurements and photographs, but I had to considerably condense the length of the structure as it would have been too large of a model.
The cyclone dust collector is still standing today as well. It is located in Surrey, British Columbia. It is just one of those structures that cried out to be modeled. The lumber shed idea came from a prototype I knew existed in the south end of Vancouver, B.C. It is located in the yard of Northern Building Supplies. They have been in this location forever. They also have water access to the Fraser River. Deliveries of lumber and material go out via waterways constantly up the coast to coastal communities and fishing lodges.
They have countless storage areas for lumber and misc. materials as shown by these images below.
Limited to only 300 kits
$325.00 cdn
Vogue Furniture House About
The Vogue Furniture House shown here is a factory that makes and sells furniture.
The family-owned company has been in business for over a quarter century and produces some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that have stood the test of time and gained the reputation for being the best and most sought after furniture in these parts.
The train delivers a load of lumber to the rail siding where it is off-loaded and stacked onto drying racks. Finished items of furniture are shipped to customers by rail or truck. About once a month a truck will arrive to empty the cyclone dust collector, a procedure that may require several trips on that day. There is a yard office and a small sign shop in the rear where a lot of the remnants of lumber are fashioned into signs. Nothing goes to waste here.
Our latest kit is composed of several structures for building a complete diorama. It is a complete industry that would fit into any era and setting.
Masterfully designed, it is created to be a quality craftsman kit. We have included new white metal and resin castings, along with our well-known instruction manual and templates. This furniture factory can be used for almost any other kind of industry.
Limited to only 300 kits
$325.00 cdn