Horwood Brothers
The tire bell rings, the service attendant quickly throws on an ill-fitted jacket and cap, he runs out and pumps gas, washes your windshields, all around, checks your oil and fills the tires with air and makes sure the battery levels are good. Meanwhile, the locals gather to get the coldest Coca Cola in the neighborhood and whilst they wait to get their automobiles serviced by the mechanics they have come to know and trust. In 1927, not too long after Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry, the Horwood Brothers on a hand shake, began the partnership with Shell Oil. Horwood Brothers
A long time friend of the Horwood boys, Larry Baker, seized the opportunity to make use of the extra space that was available. With his passion for the automobile and the life long friendship with the brothers, it was only fitting that he opened a showroom.Horwood Brothers
Time has stolen the service station, but here at RSM, we have captured it back in all its glory in this beautiful illuminated diorama. New with this years release is the optional lighting package, which uses LEDs by Ngineering and is sold separately. New custom windows made specifically by Tichy, and a wide variety of new white metal castings. Donít forget the manual that we are famous for along with accompanying templates and drawings. We believe that Kit #005 is the best kit ever produced thus far by RSM. The Horwood Bros. will be limited to only 300 units, and once they are gone, they will have followed in the same path as the prototype, never to be seen again, but remembered.
Optional lighting kits are available at Ngineering
$295.00 cdn
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