Dome Oil
RSM is bringing this rare gem to you in the new Diamond Series! These will be a very limited number of small designs that will be available in both HO & 0 Scale. They will be just as rare as a dimond itself. Our first Diamond kit will be Dome Oil Co., Takoma Park, in Maryland in 1921. A gritty diorama of the Petromleum age. A tanker car would arrive to fill the underground fuel storage tanks while sitting high above on a wodden trestle, and the vehicles would then be refueled with a gravity pump.
Initially, little more than a shack near a pump on a dirt lot. Bring yourself back to the time of when early stations provided basic services, such as lubrication and tire repair, sold oil and batteries. The building-type, which has become the cultural icon of the automobile age, is undoubtedly the gasoline (gas) station.
Optional lighting kits are available at Ngineering
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