Delwins Boat and Net Storage
Fishermen have been coming here to "Delwins" for years, to store their boats and nets after the salmon fishing season has ended on the Columbia River. Nets are drying on the racks, repairs need to be made and nets cleaned before they are stored in the upper level of the warehouse.
Boats of all sizes arrive and one at a time they get lifted out of the water. It's time to roll them into the storage area where any necessary repairs are made before they are stored for the season. The fisherman will bring in a variety of fresh fish they have caught. The fish are stored on ice and sold in the office. Locals arrive daily to get the freshest of seafood.
The sun begins to set, Delwins becomes a busier hub of activity during this time of day, fireflies are glowing as they hover over the tall grass. You can hear the whistle and rumble of a train as it passes nearby. Kids run and play amongst the junk piles and an abandoned boat, they have even been known to catch the odd fish right off the docks.
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