Billy Miner Brewing Co.
The Billy Miner Brewing Co. is a unique craftsman masterpiece. This beautiful structure can be located along your mainline or waterfront scene. Serviced by rail, the switching possibilities are endless. Barrels, packaging and raw materials are arriving daily. Shipments of Billy Miners finest drafts and ales are loaded onto railcars and trucks to be delivered to fine establishments near and abroad, for all to enjoy.
The Billy Miner Pub is located in Haney, BC. The name is derived from the famous train robber William A. MacDonald, also known as Billy Miner. On Sept 10, 1904, Train No. 1, which had just left Mission Junction, was robbed. This was Canada’s first train robbery.
This craftsman kit includes many new white metal and resin castings. Custom windows made especially for this kit by Tichy, Mt. Albert Scale lumber, laser cut wood and more. To help you through the construction process, an 80 page manual with many photographs and accompanying templates. If you have built the first craftsman kit from RSM, you will know what to expect, a high quality detailed diorama. $245.00 cdn
Limited to only 300 kits
$245.00 cdn
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