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We have made some major changes to reflect the growth within RSM. We take pride in the limited edition kits produced each year and with each new release. We strive to give the customer the most complete modeling experience in a true craftsman kit. Most builders know what a craftsman kit consists of and the amount of work required to bring these beautiful replicas of an era gone by.
Here at RSM, we painstakingly take the time and effort to produce a product that is unique. From the response we are receiving from our customers and those who have seen our dioramas, we are definitely on the right track. All of our designs are based on prototypes. Structures that at one time stood or may still be in existence here in North America. We continually search historical archives and always keep an eye out for what could be one of our future kits. This is one of the most exiting parts of the whole craftsman kit manufacturing process, discovering that one building or various structures that will allow us to create a scene and encompass all its natural beauty into a complete diorama.
We have expanded into 0 Scale as well. Our first release will be the Diamond Series Dome Oil Co. This is just another way of meeting the demands of our customers who are seeking a true craftsman kit.
Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your time with us.
Dario Le Donne
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